Presentation examples:

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1. Romsdalsmuseet – Molde

This is a presentation of Christian Johnsen, who was one of the largest producers of clipfish in Norway, in the 19th Century. In the presentation I show how he organized his firm in ways that gave possibility to expand both in production and in how to reach the markets. He was exploiting opportunities created by the context and fellow exporters/importers. I’m concerned with the qualitative perspectives and dynamics between production and market, and between actors. In the presentation I’m also presenting some historical facts on Johnsen.

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2. Fiskerimuseet – Ålesund

This presentation is shedding lights on the markets for clipfish in the the 19th- Century, discussing the context, asking why the consume amongst Iberians around the world arose. In the presentation I’m discussing how migration and socio-economic factors constituted cultural changes and analyzing whether these changes motivated the consume of clipfish. I’m using the case of Christian Johnsen showing how exporters developed their marketing and how they communicated with markets.

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3. Dødeladen – Kristiansund: 

This is a presentation held for archivists, librarians, researchers and museum employees showing how I worked with archives and museums to get hold of information used in my thesis. Where and how to search – and what to focus on. Among other things, how to ”sell in” the project, presenting it to ”collaborating partners” inside the institutions in search for help. 

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